Wednesday, March 18, 2015

01_____This artist was well known for working from imagination and shying away from photographic references… Frazetta          
02_____This artist was a pupil and model and then became an illustrator…Bell           
03_____This artist collected images of the “Death Dealer” and “Conan” by ripping the covers off of paperback books…Brom
04_____This artist went to “HELL” to create a body of work…Barlow
05_____This artist was known for his melting clocks and visions of his muse Gala…Dali
06_____This artist was a concept artist on the film “Avatar”…Barlow
07_____This artist was a concept artist on the film “Alien”…Giger
08_____This artist would often paint images of men in bowler hats with an apple blocking their face…Magritte
09_____This artist used an airbrush to create his visions…Giger
10_____This artist often hid images in his works…you might think you are looking at a horse, but it could also be a woman…Dali
11_____This artist suffered from depression and often drew and painted scenes of  death, sometimes repeating the motif of a young girl dying…Munch
12_____This artist painted an image of Odin that had an uncanny similarity to Adolf Hitler…Stuck   
13_____This artist was a poet and painting and engraver who taught his wife to read and write and engrave… Blake
14_____This artist elongated necks and created a style that future fashion designers would imitate… Modiglianai   

True or False
15_____ Picasso and Morris worked together on creating cubism…false
16_____ Koloman Moser was primarily a sculpture who did little graphic design but was a huge influence on Art Deco…false
17_____ Picasso painted with blue paint during his “Blue Period” because he was so poor and could not afford other colors…false
18_____ Propaganda is basically an attempt to convince people to believe a truth through imagery and words…true
19_____ Norman Rockwell created a fiction character who survived WW2…true
20_____ Norman Rockwell’s version of Rosie the Riveter was based on a painting by Leonardo DaVinci...false
21_____ Maxfield Parish painted images using a black, white and blue base before layering glazed color over it…true
22_____ H.R. Giger used a combination of biology and mechanics for his book on Necronomicon…true
23_____ Julie Bell served as Boris Vallejo’s teacher before they became partners in art…false
24_____ William Morris focused his design work on advertisements in magazines…false
25_____ Franz Stuck had a style that went out of fashion but later was recognized by Germans…true


26_____ An Arian grouping… establishing the family
27_____ Hitler… establishing the hero
28_____ A Nazi Soldier… establishing the warrior
29_____ A Characterization of a Jewish banker… establishing the enemy           d.


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