Sunday, March 22, 2015

Do to technical difficulties image identification will not be on the test. Study only the study guide. A new blog or whatever will go up Monday.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

01_____This artist was well known for working from imagination and shying away from photographic references… Frazetta          
02_____This artist was a pupil and model and then became an illustrator…Bell           
03_____This artist collected images of the “Death Dealer” and “Conan” by ripping the covers off of paperback books…Brom
04_____This artist went to “HELL” to create a body of work…Barlow
05_____This artist was known for his melting clocks and visions of his muse Gala…Dali
06_____This artist was a concept artist on the film “Avatar”…Barlow
07_____This artist was a concept artist on the film “Alien”…Giger
08_____This artist would often paint images of men in bowler hats with an apple blocking their face…Magritte
09_____This artist used an airbrush to create his visions…Giger
10_____This artist often hid images in his works…you might think you are looking at a horse, but it could also be a woman…Dali
11_____This artist suffered from depression and often drew and painted scenes of  death, sometimes repeating the motif of a young girl dying…Munch
12_____This artist painted an image of Odin that had an uncanny similarity to Adolf Hitler…Stuck   
13_____This artist was a poet and painting and engraver who taught his wife to read and write and engrave… Blake
14_____This artist elongated necks and created a style that future fashion designers would imitate… Modiglianai   

True or False
15_____ Picasso and Morris worked together on creating cubism…false
16_____ Koloman Moser was primarily a sculpture who did little graphic design but was a huge influence on Art Deco…false
17_____ Picasso painted with blue paint during his “Blue Period” because he was so poor and could not afford other colors…false
18_____ Propaganda is basically an attempt to convince people to believe a truth through imagery and words…true
19_____ Norman Rockwell created a fiction character who survived WW2…true
20_____ Norman Rockwell’s version of Rosie the Riveter was based on a painting by Leonardo DaVinci...false
21_____ Maxfield Parish painted images using a black, white and blue base before layering glazed color over it…true
22_____ H.R. Giger used a combination of biology and mechanics for his book on Necronomicon…true
23_____ Julie Bell served as Boris Vallejo’s teacher before they became partners in art…false
24_____ William Morris focused his design work on advertisements in magazines…false
25_____ Franz Stuck had a style that went out of fashion but later was recognized by Germans…true


26_____ An Arian grouping… establishing the family
27_____ Hitler… establishing the hero
28_____ A Nazi Soldier… establishing the warrior
29_____ A Characterization of a Jewish banker… establishing the enemy           d.

Monday, March 16, 2015

It looks as if my blogger account has been hacked or some such thing.  Every time I update it for the course the images disappear.  I will find a new means of posting the images.  We will review this in class tonight.  There will be a quiz on Wednesday the 18th and a test on Monday 23rd.  The paper is due next wednesday the 25th.  I will pass out the requirements for the paper tonight as there has been some confusion.
Frank Frazetta

Monday, February 23, 2015









Four stages of German Propaganda

The Enemy

The Hero

The Warrior (Who is fighting for the hero)

The Family (who the hero and the warrior are trying to protect)

Edvard Munch

Fanz Stuck

Amidio Modigliani

William Blake

Monday, January 14, 2013


The paper must be two pages in length.  Page one will be facts you have researched on a given designer.  Page two will be your opinion of the designer and works.  You will be graded on spelling and grammar.  You will also be graded on your ability to separate fact from opinion.  DUE DATE NOV. 10.

The paper must be 10 point Times New Roman...because I said so. Site your sources.  NO WIKIPEDIA!

You must submit the paper on PAPER.  No digital copies will be accepted.

Overview: Blog

The blog will contain images that may appear on the test. They will appear as follows:

Artist: Alphonse Mucha
Title: "Princess Hyacinth"
Media: Lithograph

There will be additional facts provided in class that you will be required to take notes on.  If the information is green, that means that it will be part of the image identification part of the test as seen below.

Artist: Alphonse Mucha
Title: "Princess Hyacinth"
Media: Lithograph

If something appears in red, then it will be included on the test, but not in the image identification portion of the test as seen below.

Artist: Alphonse Mucha
Title: "Princess Hyacinth"
Media: Lithograph

Links are purely for your own enjoyment.  If I do not mention it in class or if it isn't part of a reading assignment, it won't be on the test.

Overview: Tests

There will be a mid term and final.  The final only covers what is discussed from mid term on.  If you fail the mid term, speak with me about an extra writing assignment.  Tests will be given on a Monday.  The previous Wed. will be an open study time where you can use notes, the text or the internet to answer the questions.  That evening the questions and answers will be posted on line for you to study.